• Stack Smart™

  • STACKS NOOTROPIC provides neuroprotective benefits for brain health and mental performance.

Stack Smart™

STACKS NOOTROPIC provides neuroprotective benefits for brain health and mental performance. Buy Now

Clean, functional fuel for your brain.

STACKS NOOTROPIC is made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from functional foods that positively affect health beyond basic nutrition. STACKS NOOTROPIC offers both instant enhancements and long-term neuroprotective benefits for your brain.

  • Organic

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Keto

  • Plant Based

  • Sugar Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Lab Tested

  • Focused Formulations

    Ingredients are powerful alone but can be even more beneficial and bioavailable when combined with supporting ingredients in a precise, measured way. Our Lab focuses on developing products that support and optimize the body's natural systems in the most direct and efficient way.

  • Easy to Enjoy

    STACKS NOOTROPIC comes as a powder in easy-to-use packets for you to mix and enjoy anywhere. Stash some STACKS next to your computer, at the office, in your gym bag, purse, anywhere you may need a dose of focus, clarity, and mental endurance at home or on the go.

  • Powerful Ingredients

    STACKS NOOTROPIC is loaded with science-backed ingredients such as Powdered Oxygen™, Bacopa Monnieri, mushroom extracts, and more which have been shown to provide neuroprotective benefits, improve brain health, and optimize mental performance.

Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist and chemist, coined the term Nootropic in 1972.

He combined the Greek words for "mind" and "turn." So if we translate the meaning of "nootropic" into English, it would be something like "mind-turner." In addition to feeling "mind-turning" effects or mental activation such as increased focus, clarity, learning acquisition, faster mental processing and more, STACKS NOOTROPIC focuses on providing neuroprotective benefits for healthy cognitive aging.

  • Preservation and protection of neuronal structure and function through increased antioxidant intake from functional foods to decrease oxidative stress levels.

  • Optimize internal mental processes to improve brain function, learning acquisition, perception, memory, flexible thinking, decision making, focus, and problem-solving.

    Cognitive Function
  • Restoration of neural connectivity for optimal function through regrowth or repair of nervous tissues and cells of the brain, including neurons, glia, axons, myelin, or synapses.



  • Backed by a Biotech Lab

    Vitti Labs™ is a research and manufacturing laboratory that focuses on the body's innate regenerative capacity and rewinding the epigenetic clock // biological age.

  • Functional Food Ingredients

    Functional foods have an additional positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition alone or in combination with other functional foods.

  • Powdered Oxygen™

    We continuously search for and incorporate future-focused, scientifically-backed ingredients that are gentle yet have powerful effects on health.

  • Precision Focus

    STACKS NOOTROPIC formula was designed to increase and balance creativity and focus, energy, and calm to support true productivity.

  • Immediate + Long Term Benefits

    STACKS NOOTROPIC offers both instant enhancements and long-term neuroprotective benefits for your brain. It has a positive cumulative effect as you take it over time.

  • Easy to Enjoy

    STACKS NOOTROPIC is a delicious drink that comes as a powder in easy-to-use packets for you to mix and enjoy anywhere.

  • Lora W.

    I have non jittery, sustained energy. Even appetite control! I've lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks!

  • Kit B.

    Increased mental clarity without jitters and no crash after a couple hours. It does not affect my sleep. It simply makes me feel more on top of my game from a mental standpoint.

  • Alexander T.

    I am an executive in a fast paced, high stress industry and Stacks has been a lifesaver! It helps keep me dialed in and all my stress fades away.

  • Dr. Bartalos

    If you truly want a substance that improves your cognitive function, memory, creativity, motivation, as well as improves your energy levels, this is a product you need to consider. I feel the difference immediately and can safely drink STACKS NOOTROPIC and perform my job with enhanced mental clarity and without worrying about overstimulation or an energy crash.

  • Ashley P.

    As a business owner, finding ways to be on your game at all times is a must. After trying STACKS NOOTROPIC, I found it! STACKS keeps me alert, focused and energized throughout the day without having to succumb to the midday coffee. STACKS is all I need!

  • J.L.

    This allows me to get much needed sleep that a second induction of caffeine never allows for.

  • Angela M.

    All i have to say is where has stacks been my entire life!!!???

  • Maks M.

    I’ve been slammed with a growing business and burning the candle at both ends. STACKS is my secret weapon for staying focused and keeping mental fatigue at bay.

  • John R.

    Stacks has improved my mood and stress levels! I love Stacks!

  • Luke H.

    Stacks has seriously changed my perception of what a Nootropic really is. Like wow, it even makes my handwriting better.... Is that even possible!?

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