3 All Natural Herbs That Can Help You Bust Through Brain Fog

The term ‘brain fog’ paints a pretty apt description of how it feels when you are overwhelmed and you can seem to sort out your thoughts. This is usually brought on when you’ve had a long day or week of meetings or training, or you are otherwise just struggling to bring balance to all the tasks you need to manage - work, home, family, and more. All too often, people in this situation might reach for a copious amount of coffee or even energy drinks. While this might provide an easy short term solution, if brain fog is something you experience routinely, it might be high time to search out other options.

That is where the best nootropic stack can come in handy! Thanks to some incredible and powerful all natural herbs, you can get the relief you need to feel your best and truly conquer your day. Keep reading to learn more about brain fog and what herbs we recommend to help you beat it once and for all!

Identifying Brain Fog

The first thing that you should know is that brain fog might look a little different for each person, though it does have a list of general symptoms. Overall, brain fog can be summed up as a lack of mental clarity. This might include the inability to focus or pay attention, forgetfulness, sluggishness, overlooking details in instructions, inability to hold a conversation, or simply feeling dazed and not yourself. While just about anyone can experience this sort of mental fuzziness, it can be extremely debilitating if left unchecked, impacting your performance at school, work, and more.

Causes of Brain Fog

What causes brain fog to occur? While the culprit might be something different for each individual person, there are a few key factors that attribute to this ongoing lapse in mental clarity.

Stress and Anxiety

It is no secret that Americans are stressed. This level of stress only increases substantially around the holiday season. Not to mention those with Seasonal Affective Disorder often face symptoms of depression and anxiety once the time change happens and the cold weather kicks in. If brain fog is constantly knocking at your door, take a moment to see what makes you feel stressed or anxious. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a loved one or a mental health professional if you need to!

Poor Sleep Quality

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a sleepless night, or even multiple sleepless nights in a row, it will come as no surprise that lack of sleep plays a major role in brain fog. Insomnia is no laughing matter, and if this is something you are experiencing, it is best to get it resolved as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor about any medical conditions that you might have that could be keeping you awake. If there is a more definitive answer, such as if you have a newborn baby at home, see if you can have a relative or close friend stay a few days to help you catch up on sleep.

Double Check Your Diet

Did you know that diet can actually play a huge role in brain fog? Proper nutrition isn’t just about fueling your body - it’s about keeping your brain healthy, too! If your diet consists of a lot of fast food, greasy red meat, simple carbs, and refined sugar, this might be one of the reasons you feel so poorly. You want to focus on eating healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. The aforementioned foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals to help you feel your best and give you the mental clarity to keep moving forward!

A young man sitting at the table eating a health breakfast

3 Nootropic Herbs to Try

When it comes to choosing the best nootropic stack to help boost your mental clarity and regain your focus, you want to make sure it contains these five incredible ingredients:

Rhodiola Rosea

As one of the superstars of the nootropics world, Rhodiola Rosea has many outstanding qualities, including helping bolster mental clarity. Because it is also classified as an adaptogen, this herb is known to support the body during times of high stress. This is when your ‘fight or flight’ response is bound to kick in and may cause you to simply zone out and become detached. Not only that, but it can help protect cells and metabolic functions when you’re experiencing high stress levels. 

Bacopa Monnieri

Long used in ancient Eastern medicine, Bacopa Monnieri is yet another great ingredient in the best nootropic stack. It can help bust through brain fog by improving your mood, bolstering your memory, and increasing your ability to focus and pay attention. As an added bonus, it can also decrease your stress levels and give you an energy boost. There is a reason this powerful herb is included in our STACKS products!

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

While some mushrooms are best sautéed and served up in a delicious dish, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are the perfect addition to our STACKS powder. That is because this plant is renowned for its ability to help your brain health! It does so by combating fatigue, improving focus, and helping the fight against memory loss. In fact, it is often suggested for use on seniors or older adults who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. No fight against brain fog is complete without the addition of Lion’s Mane Mushroom!

The Best Nootropic Stack

Whether you are a student powering through finals, an executive trying to work through an intricate proposal, or you are a mom trying to cope with the stress of a newborn, know that you are not alone. Don’t just settle for the quick fix that coffee or energy drinks might bring you. Instead, reach for a real, long term solution

The best nootropic stack to help you battle brain fog exists, and in fact, it contains all three of the listed nootropic herbs. Place your first order for STACKS today and see how your life changes in just a few short weeks. We believe in our product and know the difference it will make for you!