Adaptogen Herbs: Our Top 5 Choices to Feel More Energetic

If you are one of the many Americans who wake up feeling groggy and sluggish, know that you are not alone. All too often, the brain fog can get the best of you, making you feel as though you are moving in slow motion. Not only is this frustrating, but it can also hinder workflow and disrupt productivity. While many people reach for caffeine to get a pick me up, this isn’t always the best idea. Consuming too much caffeine can leave you feeling jittery, anxious, and unable to focus. 

If you are in need of more energy, it’s probably time to check out the best nootropic stack that contains some adaptogen herbs ideal for boosting energy and helping you focus. Continue reading to find out more about adaptogens, which nootropics are best for energy, and just how you can place your order for the best nootropic stack! 

What are adaptogens?

First and foremost, let’s tackle this major question: what are adaptogens and what do they do? It is important to note that adaptogens have been around for centuries. Normally, adaptogens are mushrooms and herbs that offer various health benefits. The idea behind adaptogens is that they work to help your body cope with various forms of stress, including physical, chemical, and biological stress. They also work to help your body achieve homeostasis once you come into contact with these various stressors.

In order for a substance to be classified as a nootropic, it must be able to boost cognitive performance and improve overall brain function. That being said, when a substance is both a nootropic and adaptogen, that means it is extremely well rounded and multifunctional. It serves as both a way to improve brain function as well as have these homeostatic qualities. 

5 Nootropics to Try

That might leave you wondering: which nootropics make the cut? The best nootropic stack should contain only the high quality ingredients, including those with adaptogen capabilities. Below, we have outlined some of the best nootropics for energy, many of which are featured in our STACKS products. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

First up on our list is Lion’s Mane Mushroom. This nootropic is one of the primary ingredients in our STACKS products. It has roots that date back to ancient China and is now globally acknowledged for its many medicinal properties. Some of the key characteristics of Lion’s Mane include helping to enhance brain health and improve memory. Not only that, but it could also be used as an anti-inflammatory and serve as an antioxidant. 

As far as energy goes, Lion’s Mane has been shown to help with muscle fatigue post workout as well as improving energy production. When combined and used synergistically with the other incredible nootropics in STACKS, it can really go a long way in combating brain fog. 

Lion's mane mushroom growing in the wild

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri, sometimes referred to as the water hyssop, is a herb that can be found in wetlands all around the world. This herb is actually a powerful nootropic, as it possesses the ability to fight free radicals in the brain. Free radicals, if left unchecked, can cause some serious damage to our precious brain cells. 

Not only that, but it can also help bolster the production of GABA, serotonin, and acetylcholine. All three of these help you to feel more energized, think more clearly, and put you in a better mood. That is why bacopa monnieri featured in the best nootropic stack on the market! 


This next herb is probably the most recognizable on the list, as Ashwagandha has been around for a very long time and was even used in Ancient Indian medicine thanks to its curative properties. Best known for reducing stress and increasing energy, it is no wonder why Ashwagandha is included in our STACKS formula!

A few other positive traits about Ashwagandha include enhancing physical performance and helping to improve muscle strength. If you are someone who enjoys working out and needs a little leg up before heading out the door for the gym, Ashwagandha can go a long way in helping you out! 

Rhodiola Rosea

Did you know that the Vikings were one of the first people to harness the nootropic power of Rhodiola Rosea? Due to its ability to help with strength and endurance, it is a very popular choice for athletes or those training for events, such as marathons or strength training competitions. For those who need a mood boost as well as a bit more energy, rhodiola rosea is an excellent choice! This is yet another great ingredient in STACKS. 


If you struggle with feeling run down or fatigued, ginseng can be an excellent solution for a pick me up. For a very long time, ginseng has been a staple in Chinese medicine. It can improve both cognitive and physical performance while also aiding in the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones in particular play an instrumental role in keeping us happy, healthy, and motivated.

Wrap Up

When browsing for the best nootropic stack, make sure you find a product that features these five incredible adaptogens! Don’t settle for an energy drink from the gas station or an iced coffee drink loaded with sugar. These will leave you jittery, anxious, and are just otherwise unhealthy. Instead, go for something that is organic, plant-based, vegan, sugar free, and will leave you feeling naturally energized and focused.

The Best Nootropic Stack

STACKS NOOTROPIC is loaded with science-backed, functional food ingredients such as powdered oxygen, schisandra berry, bacopa monnieri, nootropic mushroom blend, plus essential vitamins and minerals which have been shown to improve brain health and optimize mental performance. To place your first order, head on over to our website and add STACKS to your cart! With our thirty day money back guarantee, you can rest assured that we believe in our product. If you are ready to feel more energized, motivated, and get rid of that pesky brain fog, then it’s high time you invest in the best nootropic stack on the market.