How Nootropics Can Influence Creativity and Motivation

If there is one thing that is for certain, it's that being creative can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if you have a job or career that calls for creativity day in and day out, such as a writer, photographer, engineer, or graphic designer - though that is hardly a comprehensive list! Being creative calls for a lot of pressure, and sometimes, it can all feel overwhelming. This creates a vicious cycle of missing deadlines, feeling more pressure, and then getting creative burnout. Yikes!

So what can be done? While creative processes look different for each person, we have one solution that we think everyone should try: nootropics products. Keep reading to learn how products such as STACKS can help boost creativity as well as motivation.

The Challenges for Creatives

Consider for a moment the types of challenges that can hinder or impair creativity. Odds are good that you can name a few right off the top of your head! For many people, you probably thought of a few of the following:


Right out of the gate, productivity (or the lack thereof) can be a huge obstacle. If we don’t produce in the way we like or need to, it can prove to be extremely challenging to stay on task or draw any necessary connections. The repetitive failure (or perception of failure!) can leave us feeling inadequate and frustrated. 

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Creativity can work much like a light switch - it can flip on or off in an instant. There might be times where we are working on our projects at the office and they’re just not connecting, only to go home and make dinner and be struck with an epiphany. This can make work life balance difficult to maintain, further fueling frustration and burnout. 


Have you ever had those moments while being creative that you just keep your head down and lose track of time? While this is all well and good, a single distraction can throw the whole thing out of whack, leaving an imbalance. Once off the path, it can be hard to refocus and get on task once again. 

Memory / Forgetfulness

When we have these blips of creativity that quite literally kick down the door to our brain in a style akin to the Kool-Aid man, it isn’t always at the most convenient time. This is where having the ability to properly recall thoughts and ideas comes in handy. However, if you are prone to forgetfulness, once again, your creative work will likely suffer.

Burnout and Anxiety

This is certainly a big one. With May being mental health awareness month and right around the corner, it is important to pay attention to factors such as anxiety, mental or emotional fatigue, and burnout in general. Once we hit that burnout slump, it sometimes feels impossible to get back out. 


A graphic designer working on their tablet


An All Natural Solution

Okay, we’ve reviewed the challenges - now what? If reading through that list felt even somewhat relatable, the good news is that there is a totally viable (and all natural) solution. Nootropics are all about getting the brain back on track and functioning at its peak performance. And yes, this does include helping the creative types!

Our nootropics products are made up of many great ingredients, including those that can assist in helping creatives overcome some of the aforementioned challenges.

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract Powder

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Can’t focus? Then having rhodiola rosea as a part of your daily routine can give you a leg up! According to one study, after just 14 days of using rhodiola rosea, “the experimental group demonstrated a significant reduction in self-reported anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and depression at 14 days and a significant improvement in total mood.” 

An improved mood doesn’t just make you feel happier, but it can give you the proper motivation to get up and get things done. With a sunnier disposition, you are more likely to want to create, stay on task, and overall feel an elevated sense of productivity. As an added bonus, when you are happier, your memory is better because your brain is fogged by negative thoughts!

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

One nootropic that really does it all is the lion’s mane mushroom. Mushrooms have been used for centuries thanks to its curative property, and lion’s mane remains among the most well known. This is thanks to its ability to help with a wide variety of cognitive functions, including decreasing anxiety and improving memory as well as decreasing inflammation and preventing neurodegeneration.  

Ashwagandha Root

Another amazing ingredient in our nootropics products is Ashwagandha Root. Famous for its neuroprotective qualities, including improving mood and working hard to reduce anxiety and stress. Not to mention and can even help improve one’s overall quality of sleep. Getting proper rest at night is extremely important for creative minded folks, as our brains have to be witty and sharp and always ready to think outside the box. 


While this isn’t an ingredient in our great products, it is still the most popular nootropic on earth. Even people who have never heard of nootropics consume coffee or tea on a daily basis. That is because it provides a much-needed amp to our day, providing us with fuel to get out the door and tackle our to-do list. Creatives and coffee go hand in hand - just take a glance around a newsroom or art studio sometime!

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