Do You Need a Pick Me Up? There's a Nootropic for That!

Your mood can be impacted by almost anything, both big and small. Maybe you stepped out to head to work and you had a flat tire. Or perhaps you went to the gas station to grab your favorite snack and they were sold out. Maybe it’s nothing in particular, and it just feels like it’s hard to juggle everything between life, work, school, family, and more. It’s pretty difficult to always look on the bright side of things and retain a good mood, especially in the face of unideal circumstances. 

However, if you ever have met a person who smiles regardless of hardships and adversities, know that it doesn’t normally boil down to sheer force of will. Instead, it’s all about brain chemistry. Chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters, are responsible for regulating our mood. Specifically, mood relies on GABA, serotonin, and dopamine, just to name a few. 

If you are struggling with staying positive and regulating your mood, it could be time to check out nootropics! Keep reading to discover more information about various nootropics and just how our nootropics powder could help.

Depression and Low Mood

The first thing that we should say is this: nootropics is not a cure all. For individuals with mental health concerns such as major depressive disorder, it is strongly advised to follow along with your doctor’s orders. Prescription medications and talk therapy are ideal for these types of cases, so be sure to seek help from a mental health professional if you have these types of concerns. 

For those who experience depressive episodes occasionally or who struggle with low mood from time to time, nootropics powder could be an excellent solution! It is all natural, over the counter, and doesn’t come with any side effects. 

3 Best Nootropics to Improve Mood

What are the best nootropics for boosting your mood? We’re so glad you asked! Here is a quick list of some of our favorite mood boosting nootropics, all three of which are found in our STACKS nootropics powder.  


Green tea is perhaps one of the most renowned all natural sources of L-Theanine, which is a powerful nootropic. L-Theanine is known to bolster cognitive performance, improve anxiety, decrease depression, and even reduce stress. Studies have shown that L-Theanine can actually increase dopamine levels in various parts of the brain. When combined synergistically with caffeine, it can yield even better results. Though to be able to get L-Theanine in an impactful amount, you would have to drink a gallon or two of green tea each day. That’s probably not feasible for the average person.

Instead, try taking it in our nootropics powder! L-Theanine is one of the key ingredients in STACKS. When formulating our product, we recognized just how impactful L-Theanine could be and its ability to bolster mood and decrease negative feelings. 

Green tea poured into a cup

Rhodiola Rosea

Another great ingredient in our STACKS formulation is Rhodiola Rosea. This plant has been around for centuries and is found naturally growing in various parts of the world. It has long been used in traditional medicine as well. That being said, did you know that it also has the qualities of a nootropic as well?

Rhodiola Rosea is best known for its ability to help decrease feelings of anxiety. In turn, the less anxious we feel, the better our mood tends to be. Also, Rhodiola Rosea works on several neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin. As we know, these neurotransmitters play a vital role in creating happy, positive emotions. 

Another fun fact about Rhodiola Rosea is that it is classified as an adaptogen. This means that it helps the body and brain overcome and adapt when faced with various stressors. Adaptogens aid our bodies by assisting with regulating our endocrine system, or stress response, which increases our overall resistance to all sorts of harmful agents, including physical, chemical, and biological. 

Ashwagandha Root 

Stress has a sneaky way of piling up on top of us. Work, family, school, bills - the list goes on and on. There are ways to curb stress, such as working out, relaxing with a good book, or spending time in meditation. But if you could use a little help managing stress, turn to a nootropics powder that contains Ashwagandha Root. 

Ashwagandha Root is best known for its ability to help flatline stress. The less stressed out we feel, the more free we are to be able to experience positive emotions. For those seeking to improve their cognitive function, decrease stress, and have an overall positive mood, then make sure to grab an order of our specially formulated nootropics powder! 

Find Positive Outlets

Another important thing to note about keeping a positive mood is to find things that make you happy. Make time for what matters most to you! For some, this might include spending quality time with family and friends. For others, this might mean heading to the gym, journaling before bed each night, or participating in other activities and hobbies. Practicing self care on a daily basis is imperative! 

Creating a wellness routine can help as well. Daily habits can add up and go a long way. Consider making sure that you drink enough water throughout the day, avoid junk food when you can, and cut back on screen time and take a walk in nature. The little things truly add up to be big things that make a world of difference. These steps, coupled with the great qualities of a nootropics powder, will do wonders for improving your mood. 

Order STACKS Today!

Don’t put your mood on the back burner any longer! Instead, start by placing your first order for STACKS today. Our nootropics powder is so easy to add to a glass of water once a day. Thanks to the ingredients mentioned above, as well as a whole host of other nootropics, you are sure to see a boost in not just your mood, but in your overall cognitive function. Also, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can rest assured that if for some reason STACKS wasn’t the right product for you, we will make it right.