To understand the power of STACKS NOOTROPIC you must understand its origin story.


STACKS NOOTROPIC was born from years of research. STACKS NOOTROPIC is the literal “brainchild” of Vitti Labs, a biotech laboratory, that focuses on rewinding the epigenetic clock, in other words rewinding biological age. Vitti Labs R&D team focuses on mitochondrial regeneration, neurodegenerative diseases, comorbidity, traumatic brain injury, adrenal dysfunction, and other age-related diseases.

Vitti Labs noticed correlations with neurocognitive dysfunction and accelerated aging with mitochondrial dysfunction, early onset avascularity of the brain, and endocrine system dysfunction, especially regarding adrenal function and insulin management. They began looking at phenolic compounds that could offset these dysfunctions and create positive results.

After some work to identify these compounds, Vitti Labs realized that it achieved the results it wanted to create a Nootropic that could help brain health and function instantly and over time. Vitti Labs nootropic formula prioritizes resource saturation resulting in nootropic benefits without the cognitive decline, also known as “crash” that people typically feel post consuming a nootropic or stimulant. 

STACKS NOOTROPIC became the very first Nootropic formula on the market without a “crash” i.e. the first nootropic to bring the brain to a more optimum function and support the resources needed to run the brain on that level. 

STACKS NOOTROPIC supports healthy vascular brain function, insulin management, endocrine system function (primarily the liver and adrenals), mitochondrial health, and cellular senescence protection.